About Us

Team & Partners

We are a team of experienced professionals and socialprenuers who are passionate about what we do. 

We believe that our clients’ and partners’ success is our success, and we strive to deliver the best possible results not matter what Newconomy project we are working on.

Duncan Burck

Managing Director

Duncan, a socialprenur at heart, leads the MCB Business Partners team in developing and activating the programs which are preparing organisations, people and communities to thrive in the Newconmy. A genuine collaborator and NetWeaver, Duncan openly invites you to connect, share and learn with himself and the MCB Business Partners team.


Strategic Partner - Research Translation, Innovation and Creative Chaos

FastLab is a leading research translation collaboration hub in Australia based out of the University of Newcastle.

Bringing together leading thinkers and creatives, then injecting controlled randomness to connect ideas, technology, art and culture, means the MCB Business Partner ideas and programs, and those of our customers and clients, are always being pushed to the limit.

NSW Government

NSW Government - Partners In Activating A Newconomy Society

MCB Business Partners has the privilege of collaborating with the NSW Government, across multiple agencies, in the development and execution of programs to support organisations, people and communities across NSW get ready to accelerate in the Newconomy.

Tracey Breese

Strategic Advisor - Education

Tracey, Principal of The Hunter School of Performing Arts, is a highly respected and recognised education leader in the NSW Department of Education and her peers across Australia. Always at the front of innovation in education, Tracey brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, connections and advice to the MCB Business Partner Newconomy education projects and initiatives.

Dr Scott Sleap

Strategic Advisor - Education and Industry Partnerships

Scott is regarded as a visionary educator. In 2018, he was the first Technology teacher to win the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence for Secondary Science Teaching. As a genuine collaborator and educational leader with over 25 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to advise MCB Business Partners on the development of the Newconomy education initiatives and programs.

Ryan Palmer

Strategic Advisor - Local Government

Ryan has been the Mayor of Port Stephens since 2017; he is also a company director and Next-Gen advocate. Local governments are key stakeholders in the development of the Newconomy learning ecosystem. The insights and direction Ryan provides in this critical area is important for the ongoing success of our Newconomy programs and initiatives.

Courtney Lousley

Director - MCB Business Partners New Zealand

Courtney, a leader in the New Zealand STEAM education space, has been empowering young New Zealanders to find their inner sociologist and develop, then act, on their imaginative and creative problem-solving mindset to drive change in local economies. Courtney, a genuine collaborator, connects and supports the development of our Newconomy programs while also overseeing the development and activation of our business activities in New Zealand.

Mackenzie Price

Education Learning Program Officer

Mackenzie is currently completing a double degree in Education and Business at the University of Newcastle. Coupling her strong skills and interest in everything tech with her passion for education and helping teachers bring Newconomy to the classroom, Mackenize plays a key role in our team in the development of MCB Business Partners programs and resources for educators.

Clint Bruin

System Kaizen Intensive & Transformation Factory Facilitator

Clint Bruin is a proven innovation professional with a long history of working in the research development industry. Skilled in systems and design thinking, control systems design, functional safety, strategic planning, and advanced product development, System Kaizen Intensive & Transformation Factory clients will be working with one of the best thinkers we have in Australia’s innovation space.

Peter Gesling

Director, Organisational Excellence and Leadership

Peter Gesling is recognised and sought after for his ability to engage stakeholders and the community, boost economic development and promote organisational sustainability. Peter plays an integral role in shaping the direction of MCB Business Partners community and government-focused transformation programs.

Mary Burck

Company Director

Mary, an accomplished and certified operation, change and communications leader, plays an important role in setting the project management and operational aspects of MCB Business Partners.


Strategic Partner - Innovative Electronic Learning Experiences

Graham Mitchell and his team at Core Electronics are passionate about community education, creating tutorials, educational videos, projects and community workshops to up-skill makers and educators.  Working with industry-leading brands worldwide, they are leading the charge in making innovative electronic learning experiences more accessible and ready for use in Australian and New Zealand classrooms.

James Coates

Visual Comms Lead

Being able to visualize information is key when discussing people, data, transformation and processes. At MCB Business Partners we are fortunate to have James Coates – a UNSW visual communications graduate – on the team. He brings our ideas, story and mission to life elegantly.

Workforce Development, Micro Credentialing


Strategic Partner & Advisors - Workforce Development and Micro Credentialing

Our solution to discovering, developing and recognising the human capabilities of our current and future workforce is to partner with the industry leaders in this space, Capability.Co. a leading technology company built out of the globally renowned Human Capability Standards Reference Framework.

Dr Peter Howley

Program Director Newconomy STEPChange

Leading MCB Business Partners Newconomy STEPChange training and consulting programs, Peter brings significant experience and pedigree to the team having led systems thinking, data science & performance improvement in national & international organisations as well as leading practical multidisciplinary collaborative initiatives & research teams across health, education, industry & equity.