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We are a small business and team, we're driven by our passion, we work hard, we persevere, are resourceful, and are committed to excellence

Duncan Burck, MCB Business Partners Managing Director, founded the company in 2017. 

The ‘MCB’ acronym is the initials of Duncan’s wife and eldest child Margaret.

Duncan, an experienced, entrepreneurial, results-driven business development executive, has an extensive history of relationship building, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning and project activation across the globe for more than twenty years.

Having spent more than 13 years as a Rotarian, championing the development and running of programs that supported young people’s transition from teen to adult, Duncan, when establishing MCB Business Partners in 2017, carried his passion for wanting to help young people become great people into the new business.

With next-gens being a big part of the MCB Business Partners centre, Duncan, through the start-up years, was attracted to take on work and develop projects that have been focused on education and workforce development.

Through the relationships formed in these projects since the company’s inception, Duncan has become a trusted partner and advisor to government, corporates, industry associations and tertiary educators in the next-gen education engagement and partnerships space and honing his ideas to help young people and business to get ready to embrace and support a mindset which will see them thrive in the Newconomy.

Duncan very much believes that unlocking our connections and relationships with our next gens, and the ideas that have for our future and the places they want to live and work is critical for our success in the Newconomy. As Duncan says, “The more we listen to and encourage our young people to get engaged in their place and their communities the better the ideas and future decisions we’ll be able to make as a whole for our community and societies moving forward.”


Duncan, a netweaver, is always looking to connect, learn and share. Schedule a 30 minute chat with Duncan now.