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Newconomy Learning Resources & Programs

Showcasing local industries and helping teachers deliver newconomy experiences in the classroom.

Nurturing young people’s Newconomy skills is key to preparing them for success in the workforce and future competitiveness of our local economies and society.

The Newconomy Learning Resources & Programs teams brings educators, business, industry and government together to collaborate on, and activate, immersive and enriching newconomy learning experiences in the classroom.


Educators are struggling to create highly immersive, relevant, and real world connected learning resources for use in classrooms, particularly in the subjects connecting with the Newconomy.

Young people are unaware of the companies, culture, career pathways and technology that Australians companies are developing and deploying right here in Australia.

Our industries, and government are become more and more concerned and acutely aware of a predicted net skills drain for our high growth industries in the not-too-distant future.

Working with and supporting education is not part of BAU for our industries and government.


Rather than showcasing our partner organisations as extra-curricular activities, business, industry and government can embed elements of practice and career opportunities directly in the classroom via compulsory and elective curriculum through collaboration with education.


The benefits industry and government have when working with the MCB Business Partners team on a Newconomy learning resources & programs activity are:

Our team understand education and industry partnerships – We have good insights into the challenges and opportunities of all stakeholders coming together to work on these initiatives.

MCB Business Partners has established relationships with educators, schools and across all education systems.

Credibility &  proven processes – The MCB Business Partners process for developing learning resources in multi stakeholder partnership is proven. Industry, government and tertiary education sponsors and support the MCB Business Partners team to develop and deploy Newconomy learning resources and programs into Australian schools.


NSW Department of Education – Biomedical Innovation, The Ampcontrol Ventilator Project

NSW Department of Education – iSTEM: Facilitating industry and tertiary education contribution to syllabus review and development

NSW Department of Customer Service, Cyber NSW – Cyber City, the Cyber Security Learning Experience

NSW Department of Education SISP Program & The Institute of Technology Education (iTE) – iTeachSTEM


Newconomy and education, industry collaboration advocates Adam Spencer and Andrew Chapman position the importance and benefits of collaborating with educators and landing Australian business and industry in the classroom.

Videos Produced by MCB Business Partners and licensed for distribution on the iTeachSTEM website.


We’d love to hear from industry, business and government leaders who are willing to collaborate with us in bringing Newconomy experiences and thinking to schools and  classrooms across Australia and New Zealand.

Schedule a 30 minute chat with us now or send us a message for more information on our programs.