MCB Business Partners facilitate discussions for the Greater Cities Commission to future proof our cities 

Some of the students particapting in the GCC internship.

MCB Business Partners, in collaboration with FASTLAB from the University of Newcastle and in partnership with the Greater Cities Commission through the NUW Alliance, proudly facilitated an innovative internship program that brought together twenty students from the University of Newcastle, University of Wollongong, UNSW, and the University of Sydney. 

Duncan Burck, Managing Director of MCB Business Partners, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This powerful initiative embodies our commitment to forging meaningful partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. The collaboration with FASTLAB, the Greater Cities Commission and the NUW Alliance has created a unique platform for students to contribute actively to shaping the future of our cities.” 

The program, spanning eight weeks, went beyond a conventional internship experience. It tasked students with tackling ‘wicked problems,’ ensuring the active inclusion and centrality of women and girls in future city planning. The diverse group of students, representing various academic disciplines and backgrounds, engaged with industry and government partners, turning theoretical discussions into practical solutions. 

Western Sydney University Students working on the pitchesAs the program concluded, students presented their findings in a ‘pitch’ to the Government, establishing a vital link between academia, industry, and policy-making. Duncan Burck commended the students for their exceptional dedication, acknowledging the unique bridge they created between education and real-world challenges. 

The initiative was made possible through the collaboration of the NUW Alliance, comprising the University of Newcastle, UNSW Sydney, the University of Wollongong, and Western Sydney University. The CEO of NUW Alliance, Professor Andy Marks, highlighted the program’s innovative approach to planning and policy frameworks. He emphasized the unique opportunity for students from diverse disciplines to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges, contributing significantly to the design of future cities. 

“Today’s plans shape tomorrow’s cities,” Professor Marks emphasized, underlining how the incorporation of NUW Alliance’s students’ perspectives ensured the region’s continued prominence as a premier destination in Australia for living, working, and learning. 

For MCB Business Partners, being part of this transformative venture aligns with a core ethos of fostering critical partnerships between Education, Business, Industry, and Government. Duncan Burck expressed excitement about contributing to this innovative initiative and shaping the future of urban landscapes.