NSW Department of Education Resigns Agreement with MCB Business Partners for Two More Years  

MCB Business Partners such as Cyber City, the Cyber Secuirty Learnign Experience has been piloted in schools across NSW

MCB Business Partners is excited to share news of the renewed and expanded collaboration with the New South Wales Department of Education, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to advancing STEM education through the STEM Industry School Partnerships Program (SISP).

This extended agreement solidifies the ongoing dedication of both MCB Business Partners and the Department to elevate STEM education in public schools, with a special emphasis on inspiring students in rural and regional areas.

Duncan Burck, Managing Director at MCB Business Partners, expressed his enthusiasm for the sustained collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to renew our partnership with the NSW Department of Education through the SISP Program. Over the years, we have witnessed the positive impact of this initiative in improving the quality and accessibility of STEM education. Our shared goal is to inspire students, empower teachers, and contribute to the development of a skilled STEM workforce for the future.”

The SISP Program sets out to increase the quality and quantity of STEM instruction in NSW public schools. It aims to enhance teacher confidence in delivering integrated STEM programs and boost student engagement and participation, especially among underrepresented groups. The partnership also focuses on providing access to high-quality STEM curriculum for students in regional and remote areas, fostering school-industry collaborations, and raising awareness of STEM career opportunities.

Since its initiation in 2000, the collaboration between MCB Business Partners and SISP has led to the successful implementation of various initiatives. These include the development and communication of STEM learning materials and the alignment of MCB Business Partners’ educational and industry programs with the iSTEM and other syllabuses in NSW education.

A representative of the NSW Department of Education emphasised the critical role of such partnerships in advancing STEM education and that the ongoing collaboration with organisation such as MCB Business Partners is a source of delight as it aligns with the shared commitment to fostering STEM skills, empowering educators, and creating real-world educational opportunities for students as outlined in the objectives of the SISP Program.

The renewed agreement, effective from May 2023 to May 2025, underscores the long-term commitment of both parties to the success of STEM education in New South Wales. As part of the agreement, MCB Business Partners will actively collaborate on specific activities under the SISP Program, sharing information and supporting the Department’s goals.