MCB Business Partners Embarks on a Collaborative Journey with FASTLab from the University of Newcastle 

FASTlab Team,
From Left to Right: Prof Paul Egglestone, Founder and Director FastLab; Michael Cuneo, Creative Technologist; Prof John Drummond, and Duncan Burck.

We are thrilled to announce the dynamic collaboration between MCB Business Partners and FASTLab, a prominent initiative stemming from the University of Newcastle. This exciting partnership merges MCB’s extensive experience in education and industry with FASTLab’s cutting-edge research, propelling real-world business and community challenges toward innovative solutions that address the ever-evolving needs of our society. 

The collaboration between MCB Business Partners and FASTLab stems from a shared vision of fostering innovation and embracing technological advancements, particularly within the realms of human-centric and creative industries. By synergizing their capabilities, they aim to forge impactful solutions that reshape how we prepare the next generation for their future and assist industries in fueling growth while infusing creativity into every facet of business innovation. 

Professor Paul Egglestone, Founder of FASTLab, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Working with MCB Business Partners has been incredibly refreshing. The projects are intriguing and sure to yield impactful results that will resonate in our communities for years to come. Joining their journey as an innovative and growing company is just as exciting.” 

The partnership between MCB Business Partners and FASTLab reflects the University of Newcastle’s dedication to fostering innovative collaborations with industries. It introduces innovative approaches to engage undergraduates, graduates, and researchers in addressing challenges and opportunities within our communities. This collaborative endeavour signifies a new and unique approach that encourages fresh perspectives and creative solutions.