Transformation Factory

System Kaizen Intensive

Falling in love with your problems to solve your problems

The Japanese word “kaizen” simply means “change for better”. A perfect “system” has no problems and no waste.

So… we are going to systematically root out our problems and eliminate our waste in all its forms and guises. We are going to fall in love with our problems because without them we cannot improve and we cannot become our vision.


BAU gets in the way of organisations taking the time to stop, reflect and work on those opportunities to enhance or improve their business.

Teams are made up of different people with different experiences, which is great for diversity when talking strategy but not necessarily getting everyone on the same page when authentically assessing the transformational insight to drive the business growth and improvements.

The clock is ticking, organisations that do not have an easy-to-understand process to bring their teams and people along the transformation journey may survive in the Newconomy, but they will definitely not thrive.


System Kaizen Intensive will see your team step with confidence into Systems, Newconomy thinking and, with the help of our process, rather a powerful transformational algorithm, the Recursive Ratchet®, bring direct-controlled thinking and analysis from simple problem solving to strategic innovation and even complete business transformation.

At its simplest level the Recursive Ratchet tracks us on three basic steps. We make our objective very clear, we take measurable control of the performance and finally we innovate solutions to the primary issues and adapt accordingly. In short, we get the deepest understanding possible, evaluate the situation and then transform as a result. If a quality control system is also implemented on this thinking then the process will be significantly more effective.


Your team have a well defined process to drive transformation across your organisation and business.


Road test System Kaizen Intensive and the Recursive Ratchet on a project, strategy or transformational insight you have currently for your organisation or business or jump into a potential opportunities project that we have listed here.  

Transformation Factroy

MCB Business Partners have introduced the Transformation Factory® as a tailored program that uses fundamental principles of systems engineering and applied innovation to implement a formalized process for business strategy development.

Our clients achieve complete clarity and control of ‘Business As Usual’, they are empowered to collaborate, innovate and transform, ultimately delivering a complete connection with Business As Usual and the vision they are wanting to become.

Value Engineering

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers, markets, and relationships.

MCB Business Partners coaches and support clients through the four fundamental pillars of SMART, contemporary Business Development:

  • Being client, customer, stakeholder centric
  • Intrinsically understanding the value propositions
  • Establishing and nurturing partnerships with purpose, and
  • Embracing digital transformation for organisation promotion, business systems improvement and intel collection.

Applied Innovation

In the present era of significant social and environmental change compounded by the uncertainty of technological disruption, business needs to become clever and adaptable.

Applied Innovation is the process of being surgical in the application of resources in new and novel ways to resolve constraints and to strategically position the business for sustainability and performance. MCB Business Partners help uncover and apply innovation effectively.

Traction Planning

Fundamentally, business is growth. If growth is not front and centre of strategic planning then sustainability of the business is at risk.

When implementing a new strategy creating and monitoring traction is paramount. Committing to business transformation and growth traction is universally uncomfortable and confronting and MCB Business Partners will be in the thick of it with you. We bring the diversity of experience and technical know-how to ensure rigour of thinking and successful traction planning.

Cut Through Communications

Communications being established without clarity and measurable performance insights that are being directly aligned to vision, opportunity, strategy and tactics will fail.

Starting from a point of absolute clarity across the four degrees of failure, MCB Business Partners clients are being empowered and supported to develop and activate measurable communication programs, internally and externally, that use traditional and innovative communication mediums to deliver to targeted stakeholder the tested message in the highest engaging channel(s).


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