EBIG Collider

Creating new networks for our future

Besides assisting with career transition and addressing the skills gap in our economies, Education, Business, Industry, and Government (EBIG) partnerships will have a greater role in creating the talent pipeline for our society to thrive in the Newconomy.

Through the growing suite of MCB Business Partners EBIG Collider programs and initiatives, we’re creating an environment where our EBIG stakeholders can connect, build trust and collaborate on projects to engage, inspire and support our next-gens to be ready and excited to contribute in the Newconomy.

EBIG Colliding Benefits

By engaging and inspiring young people to cultivate their Newconomy skills, we can ensure a bright future for local economies and society as a whole. 

Our next-gens will be better prepared to contribute to the solutions and ideas we need to improve our society going into the future.

Through greater exposure to potential career corridors, EBIG partnerships will contribute to the mental health, well-being and resilience of our next-gens by giving them a clear picture of what their future can look like.

Our economic and social prosperity is in our industries and government’s ability to support all students to unlock and develop their inner innovators.

Programs & Support

Sustainnovation Challenge

A unique, innovation-driven approach for local industries, businesses and government to create a sustainable and resilient framework to engage with the local education ecosystems and students.

Newconomy Learning Resources

Industry, government, and educators collaborate in the development and activation of Newconomy learning resources and activities for the classroom.

Industry Engagement Coaching For Schools

A support program for industries, business and government wanting to engage with educators and schools in their area(s).


Supporting the validation, mapping and certifying of industry developed Newconomy focused programs for use by educators in the classroom  to Human Capability Standards (HCS) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


We’d love to hear from schools, business and industries wanting to collaborate in the deployment and development of Newconomy, EBIG Collider programs and initiatives.

Schedule a 30 minute chat with us now or send us a message for more information on our programs.