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Helping Our Educators To Connect and Collaborate With Industry

Partners in Learning  – A collaborative, Newconomy learning ecosystem will be critical in preparing our next gens to thrive in their career and life journey.

For the key stakeholders in the Newconomy education ecosystem, educators and industry, the greatest challenge to maximizing the benefits of good engagement and collaboration are time, resourcing and capabilities.

In order to support and facilitate greater engagement and collaboration between these key stakeholders, MCB Business Partners have developed a support and coaching program to help those schools and educators who want to engage with and collaborate with industry.

Industry, for context, in the learning ecosystem is defined as companies, businesses, government organisations, universities and industry associations.


The success of educators and leaders is based on curriculum planning and classroom management, not managing industry engagement and relationships. 

The majority of educators and education leaders do not have the time, experience or skillset for developing a pitchable, school / classroom education engagement value proposition for industry participation.

Educating industry in education, and vice versa educating education in industry, can be complex yet important in the development of the Newconomy learning ecosystems and can be perceived as a low-value, time-consuming exercise for all stakeholders.

Navigating and managing the school / classroom and industry relationships, in the majority of cases, does not fit within the business-as-usual framework for both education and industry. No-one truly owns this function.


In order to support and facilitate greater engagement and collaboration between educators and industry, MCB Business Partners, under the EBIG Collider banner of Education and Industry: Partners In Learning, have developed a support and coaching program to help our schools and educators be better prepared to engage with and collaborate with industry.

A cost-effective program, which can be paid for by a school or subsidised/sponsored by local businesses or government (the MCB Business Partners, Partners in Learning team will make these approaches on behalf of or in partnership with the school), this program supports the schools and teachers in four key areas to activate a industry engagement strategy. .


The benefits you can expect when activating this support program for your school:

You are saving your time and your external stakeholder’s time by activating a well-defined strategy. 

You are tapping into MCB Business Partners’ established processes and accessing an extensive network of education-ready government and industry partners.

By having a clear message and professional plan for industry engagement, you are positioning your schools as a progressive community-orientated organisation.

Your students and education/careers team will have a wider community awareness of the current and future career opportunities and knowledge of industry pathways that are available in their local area. 

These partnerships will facilitate in providing real-world Newconomy and other educational opportunities for your students.


NSW Department of Education - STEM Industry Schools Partnerships (SISP) Program

NSW Department of Customer Service, Cyber NSW – Cyber City, the Cyber Security Learning Experience

NSW Department of Education – Biomedical Innovation, The Ampcontrol Ventilator Project

NSW Department of Education – iSTEM: Facilitating industry and tertiary education contribution to syllabus review and development


Newconomy and education, industry collaboration advocates Adam Spencer and Andrew Chapman position the importance and benefits of collaborating with educators and landing Australian business and industry in the classroom.

Videos Produced by MCB Business Partners and licensed for distribution on the iTeachSTEM website.


We’d love to hear from teachers, schools and educations systems excelling in industry engagement and partnerships. Equally we want to hear from those teachers and schools who like to activate industry partnerships too. 

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