Stage 5 iSTEM – Bringing newconomy education to life in the classroom

As part of the NSW Curriculum Reform, Stage 5 (years 9 and 10) school-developed board-endorsed courses have been phased out in 2022. The only course to survive and be part of a suite of approved elective courses for year 9 and 10 students is Integrated STEM (iSTEM)

MCB Business Partners, a recognised contributor to the new Department approved iSTEM course, has worked closely with education, industry and government to ensure key newconomy industries and skills are represented in iSTEM and that the courses syllabus is reflective of the career corridors.

The iSTEM Topics include:

STEM FundamentalsComputer-Aided Design (CAD)Mechatronics and Robotics
Aeronautical EngineeringAgriTechSurveying and Geospatial Engineering
Cyber SecurityDesign for SpaceSustainable Transport
Stage 5 iSTEM Topics

The iSTEM course lets our young people, next-gens, know we have opportunities for them in NSW and Australia with our companies, industries and government sooner rather than later in their education journey.

The iSTEM Course

To satisfy the requirements of the iSTEM course students must undertake a range of inquiry-based, problem-based or project-based learning activities which occupy at least 50% of the course time. Inquiry-based, problem and project-based learning assist students in actively pursuing and using STEM-based knowledge beyond the simple transmission of content.

The core principle behind these approaches to teaching and learning is for the student to discover the knowledge of skill through inquiry, problem-solving, or project work rather than the materials simply being delivered.

The Student Experience & Journey

In this interview, we meet Robert Wearthill a year 10 student at Maitland Grossman High in the Hunter Region and participating in iSTEM. Skip forward a few years, and we meet Robert again as he is on his STEM career journey with the ADF and completing his engineering studies at the University of Newcastle.

Roberts’s Year 10 Appearance in the video was provided by Maitland Grossman Highschool.

Business, Industry and Government Involvement

It is critically important that Australian students, from as early as primary school, see the culture, tech and career corridors and opportunities that Australian companies can provide to them. And for Australian businesses, industries and government, iSTEM is a great starting point to learn about education, how they can share their stories, and inspire the next-gen’s to be part of their industry.