Lead role in shaping NSW Education engagement with industry

MCB Business Partners, from 2019-2021, takes a lead role in developing and activating the state-wide industry engagement strategy for the NSW Department of Education flagship and award-winning regional STEM program, STEM Industry Schools Partnership Program (SISP).

“Duncan has a great understanding of curating and activating programs in the education-industry-government relationship space. He has developed an impressive network of government, industry and education contacts, in NSW and further afield, willing to collaborate and support MCB Business Partners Newconomy projects and initiatives.”

— Dr Scott Sleap, NSW Department of Education, STEM Industry School Partnerships (SISP) Program

The STEM Industry School Partnerships program is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education’s Curriculum and Reform Directorate through its Curriculum Secondary Learners team.

Through collaboration with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry, the STEM Industry School Partnerships program provides an educational model that engages students, inspires them to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and prepares them for STEM-enabled (Newconomy) careers.

The program is the NSW Department of Education’s response to the goals of the Council of Australia Governments (COAG) Education Council’s National STEM School Education Strategy 2016 – 2026.

The program aims to improve teacher confidence and their capacity to deliver integrated and cross-curricula STEM education programs in rural, remote, and regional NSW.

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