For Educators

Newconomy Ready Pathways

Helping career advisor and teachers prepare their students to identify and activate career corridors aligned to their students Human Capabilities

The earlier we can help students discover their innate strengths and potential the quicker we can show them their Newconomy career corridors inspiring them to stay engaged in their early education journey and make the study choices best aligned to their human capabilities.  

Working with education systems and schools directly the MCB Business Partners team, supported by our strategic partner’s Capability.Co has created innovative, immersive, syllabus-aligned learning experiences/lessons for students to discover their strengths and gain far-reaching insights into the careers and pathways best suited to them.


Rather than delivering a prescribed learning experience or lesson program for education systems or schools, we will create a bespoke solution, from classroom experiences to funding through government and industry support or sponsorships means, to support the students have this important experience.

During the bespoke learning experience students will:   


The Newconomy Pathways program and support initiatives offers a number of benefits for schools leadership, career advisors and parents:

The program can be embedded in teachers programs and aligned to syallabus outcomes

Students gain a clear understanding of their strengths and how they fit into the future of work in the Newconomy 

Working closely with the school we can find ways for this program to be subsidised or sponsored by industry or government

Schools will have greater insight into their students assisting them with ongoing planning of programs and interactions with external stakeholders to support their program delivery

Students, and their families, will have more information to assist them in making better study and extracurricular choices.


We’d love to hear from teachers and schools looking to wanting to do more when preparing their student for success in the Newconomy.

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