For Educators

Supporting the most important people in our society

Governments in Australia and New Zealand are developing long-term economic strategies which focus on the development and investment in high-value and future-focused industries.

However, what governments and industries don’t do very well is look at what their role should be in engaging with and contributing to the development of the next gens, pre-tertiary and as early as primary school, who they will need working in or supplying solutions, services and products, for their industries to be sustainable.

The responsibility of engaging, inspiring and developing pre-tertiary education students for the Newconomy sits with our primary and secondary educators, who are now, more than ever, under immense pressure in education systems that struggle to keep people and create the 21st-century learning environment and syllabuses.

Business, industry and government have an important role in supporting our educators to get our young people, next-gens, ready to thrive in our Newconomy.

The MCB Business Partners ‘For Educators’ team, through government and industry advocacy, educator collaboration and out of the box innovative thinking, is creating the solutions to support our teachers, and the development of their students.

Benefits for Educators

Our growing suite of programs and initiatives to support educators reflect the assessment and time we’ve taken to connect with and understand the challenges educators face today in Australia. We believe that teachers, educators can directly, and indirectly, benefit from the work we do in this space.   

We are an experienced, non-education voice advocating for and championing support of our educators to government and industry.   

The majority of the programs we develop for educators are either sponsored by industry or government, meaning they are free or cost effective for educators. 

We are education system agnostic. We are here to help all educators, in all systems. 

Our programs are not prescribed, we are here to make them work for the educator.

Programs & Support

Newconomy Learning Resources

Industry, government, and educators collaborate in the development and activation of Newconomy learning resources and activities for the classroom.

The Integrated STEMSSS Academy

The “Integrated STEMSSS Academy” is a must for progressive school leaders and educators wanting to see a cradle-to-career life-cycle holistically embedded in their systems.

The Newconomy Academy

Reviewing and helping schools develop and activate Newconomy programs in secondary and primary education. Contact us to discuss this new initiative from our Partners in Learning team. 

Industry Engagement Support For Schools

Training and support programs to help educators and schools understand how to engage with business, industry and government in their local areas.


Validation, mapping and certifying of your education programs (units of work and lessons) to Human Capability Standards (HCS) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Newconomy Ready Pathways

Aligning Young People to their Career Corridor: Student human capability assessments, informing career advisors, teacher and parents on ideal career corridors for a young person.


We’d love to hear from teachers and schools looking to bring the Newconomy experiences and thinking to their classrooms and students.

Schedule a 30 minute chat with us now or send us a message for more information on our programs.