MCB Business Partners wraps up the South West Sydney Sustainnovation Challenge series

Students participating in the City of Canterbury Bankstown Sustainnovation Challenge.

The Southwest Sydney Sustainnovation Challenge series has drawn to a close in a successful conclusion. The challenges not only demonstrated the strength that emerges from genuine collaboration among local government, industry, and education but provided a platform for young voices to be heard and actively contribute to shaping their communities.

A Community-Focused Initiative

Launched in mid-2022, the Sustainnovation Challenge series, managed by MCB Business Partners in collaboration with the Southwest Sydney RIEP team, set out to empower local secondary students to address tangible community challenges through creative solutions.

Unveiling Student Achievements

With successful challenges held in Wollondilly, Camden, City of Canterbury Bankstown, and Liverpool, the series saw active participation from 173 students who demonstrated exceptional creativity and commitment to implement solutions to the real challenges facing their communities. Notably, 24 student pitches showcased their innovative solutions, with five ideas currently under consideration for implementation by councils and partners.

Themes and Winning Ideas

In Wollondilly, the challenge theme of “Merging Data & Art for Engaging Placemaking” sparked ideas like “Unity Within Our Community – A Voice for All.” This winning concept proposed creating a dynamic art piece reflecting the diversity and shared interests of Wollondilly’s youth.

Camden’s challenge, “Embracing Inclusiveness & Accessibility,” inspired the project “Triple M,” fostering multiculturalism through monthly markets, creating a cohesive, educated, and accepting community.

City of Canterbury Bankstown’s theme, “Creating Places Where Women & Girls Feel Safer,” saw the innovative project “Breaking Bread.” This recurring event format involved multicultural pop-ups, breaking down barriers and contributing to the safety of women and girls.

Liverpool’s challenge, “Unlocking Our Regions Next-Gen Innovators,” resulted in the winning project “Green Gateway.” This initiative encourages sustainable business practices through practical, in-curriculum learning experiences.

Opportunities for Collaboration: Extending an Invitation

As the series concludes, there remains an open invitation for organizations to join MCB Business Partners hands in the ongoing success of the Sustainnovation Challenge.

Strategic Challenge Sponsorship: Organizations are encouraged to consider sponsoring a challenge aligned with their values, offering crucial support while preserving the grassroots essence of the initiative.

Industry Expertise: Contributions of valuable insights and mentorship from organisations can continue to shape the innovation landscape, fostering positive change and community development.

Visibility and Networking: Connect with stakeholders, governments, and education leaders. Enjoy subtle visibility through various channels, amplifying influence within the community.

Shaping Tomorrow: A Community-Driven Path to Innovation

The Southwest Sydney Sustainnovation Challenge series isn’t just an event; it’s a testament to the potential for positive community change. Organisations keen on contributing to this vision are invited to reach out for potential collaboration opportunities.

For further information and collaboration inquiries, contact us.