MCB Business Partners Concludes Successful Pilot of Cyber City – Cyber Security Learning Experience in NSW Schools 

MCB Business Partners is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the pilot phase for Cyber City, Australia’s first in-curriculum Cyber Security course. With industry, government, and tertiary education partners, this pioneering initiative is equipping students with innovative insights into the skills and career pathways into cybersecurity. 

Designed to empower educators, Cyber City provides teachers with freely licensed pedagogical resources under a Creative Commons license. These resources serve as a complete toolkit, supporting inquiry-led learning and fostering an understanding of cyber security and digital innovation concepts in the classroom. 

As the pilot phase concludes, the Cyber City team expresses gratitude to the participating schools, teachers, and students for their invaluable feedback and engagement. The insights gained during this phase will be instrumental in refining and enhancing the program over the upcoming Christmas break and ready for re-release in term 1 of 2024. 

“We are committed to delivering the best possible learning experience for students and teachers alike. The end of the pilot phase marks a crucial milestone in our journey, and we are grateful for the constructive feedback we have received,” said Duncan Burck, Managing Director of MCB Business Partners and Program Director for Cyber City. 

Ben Moore and Emmily Acton, Economic Development Officer from the City of Newcastle collaborate in the piloting of Cyber CityBen Moore, a STEM teacher from the Hunter School of Performing Arts and an active participant in the pilot program, shared valuable insights, remarking, “The introduction of Cyber City into the classroom, a program designed by industry, initially posed some challenges. However, the physical presence of Duncan and the team in the classroom, actively testing resources with students, allowed us to pinpoint what was working effectively and what needed refinement. Duncan and the team’s ongoing commitment to not only providing resources but subjecting them to a rigorous in-class testing regime has undoubtedly strengthened their ability to create high-quality, industry-driven educational resources. Cyber City, exemplifying this approach, is poised to become an excellent classroom resource, offering industry relevance that will significantly impact student engagement and understanding of these complex topics.” 

Over the Christmas break, the MCB Business Partners education team will be making the tweaks needed to make Cyber City a better program for teachers to deploy in their 2024 classrooms. 

Looking ahead, MCB Business Partners and its partners encourage schools interested in implementing the Cyber City Cyber Security Learning Experience to register their interest early to receive industry sponsorships and guaranteed spots on the excursions connected with the program.  

Educators – Register your interest in the Cyber City, the Cyber Secuirity Learnign Experience here.