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Future-Proofing Workforces

Discovering, developing and recognising the human capabilities of your workforce today is getting you organisation and community ready for tomorrow’s Newconomy.

We have an enormous opportunity to unlock our industries and society’s potential if we unlock our people.

Discovering and developing the hidden skills and passions in our people is key to evolving and transforming our society so we can prosper economically, socially, and environmentally in the Newconomy.


The time it takes to find and hire a new employee is growing. Once hired, it can be equally difficult for organisations to manage and keep their employees engaged.

Countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, by the end of this decade will see a net skills drain of people with the skills needed for them to compete and grow in the Newconomy. Going off of this cliff will not be good for business, our economy and society.

With the pace of change in society and organisations being driven by our 4th Industrial Revolution, more organisations will need to transform their number one asset, their people, if they are to be sustainable in the Newconomy. The challenge for organisations now is what skills do we need to up skill our people in when we don't have clarity of the jobs we'll need them to do in the Newconomy.

Our industries, and government are becoming more and more concerned and acutely aware of a predicted net skills drain for our high growth industries in the not-too-distant future.


Our solution to discovering, developing and recognising the human capabilities of your workforce today is to partner with the industry leaders in this space, Capability.Co. a leading technology company built out of the globally renowned Human Capability Standards Reference Framework.

Professor Marcus Bowles and the Institute For Working Futures (IWF) have spent the last 25 years conducting dedicated research to identify the human capabilities and mindsets that are most predictive in creating a future ready workforce, career, profession or graduate. These findings led to the creation of the globally renowned Human Capability Standards (HCS).

In partnership with Professor Marcus Bowles, Capability.Co has turned this research into a game-changing suite of practical tools. Capability.Co now operates as the commercial arm of the Institute For Working Futures with exclusive commercial rights to the HCS.


We take what the science has revealed as the most enduring human capabilities;

We have systems to help organisations identify these human capabilities.

We help the organisations deploy the tools to support career lifecycle management and strategic workforce planning initiatives that optimise for both performance AND passion.


The benefits from discovering and developing the hidden skills and passions in your people will be a game changer for your organisation, businesses and communities. 

Understanding and developing your teams real potential is the insurance policy for your resilience and growth in the Newconomy 

You have clarity of the skills you need to develop in your organisation to guarantee your success in the Newconomy

You will improve employee engagement and productivity across the business.

You will be placing people in jobs that they want to do and will thrive in.

You will attract and retain the right people to drive and grow your organisation in the Newconomy.


Interested in learning or hearing more about the Human Capability Standards framework and how we can help you get and your workforce get ready to succeed in the Newconomy?

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