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The Integrated STEMSSS Academy

Bringing STEM, Statistics, Sustainability and Systems Thinking (STEMSSS) To Schools

The STEMSSS Academy brings core Industry 5.0 skills to schools and the broader educational system through holistic and integrated school-consultant-industry-research expertise, enterprise and engagement.

It provides a practical suite of programs, initiatives, consulting/support, and resources that promulgates and then leverages systems thinking, statistics, sustainability and integrated STEM mindsets and methods to realise efficient, effective and authentic learning systems, practices and outcomes.

Schools should be valued by their staff, community and stakeholders for providing high quality teaching and learning, and their pivotal role in the higher education and workforce supply chain.

Engage with the STEMSSS Academy to leverage and support this role. Realise leadership, culture, systems and mindsets which capitalise on data and synergies to improve learning and workforce outcomes, capabilities and quality of life for all stakeholders.


Traditional education (both the higher education training ground for school leaders and educators, and the schooling system) is sub-optimal if not inadequate for addressing the skills disruption and developing the desired T-shaped skillset.

Systems and statistical thinking mindsets, and cross-functional and analytical skills develop and leverage expert knowledge and are needed in the future workforce and support an improved quality of life for educators and students – however they are traditionally not utilised nor taught to school leaders, teachers or students.

Primary and Secondary education systems, schools and staff have been treated in relative isolation from the higher education and industry systems it supports.

Educators’ plates are overflowing and have rarely experienced workplaces beyond the teaching profession. A continued arm’s length approach of expecting primary and secondary teachers and personnel to pique students’ interests, develop cross-functional and data-centred skillsets and drive students to further personal development and provide workplace insight and growth is fraught.

The supply chain is only as strong as the support systems, methods and mindsets permit.


We are uniquely able to connect, provide insight and advance your school’s capabilities, practices and outcomes.

Students may engage with our student-oriented initiatives and resources to support and advance their learning opportunities and capabilities.

Educational leaders and teachers may engage with these and the teacher-focussed programs, initiatives and support:

You will work with and learn from a national and international leader and award winner (for contributions to teaching and cooperative school initiatives), with expertise in systems thinking and improvement through the lens of statistics, who has over 25 years of industry consulting, practical research, developing learning resources, and higher education training, and over $3 million in Commonwealth grants surrounding improved higher education access and success, teacher professional development and holistic teaching practices, initiatives and resources surrounding STEM, Statistics, Sustainability and Systems thinking.

Contact us to arrange a free introduction sample program for STEMSSS in 2023.


The benefits that schools, the teaching profession, industry and government have when engaging with any aspect of the STEMSSS Academy include:

National and international leadership and award-winning initiatives and expertise in STEM education, systems thinking, statistics, consulting, government and industry engagement and higher education

Holistic and genuine support to advance you school’s capabilities, practices and outcomes

Meet Your Integrated STEMSSS Academy Facilitator

Dr Peter Howley

Leader, creator and presenter of Total Quality Management, Systems Thinking, Statistics for Business, Data Analytics, Data Science, Integrated STEM and related University undergraduate and postgraduate MBA and other Masters programs and courses, and seminar training for organisations, since 1998; and national and international prize-winner and leader of Integrated STEM, Statistics and Systems thinking education initiatives and PD for educators.


Peter STEM Videos

Leveraging STEM through systems thinking – STEM 2021 on Demand

Teachers Guild of NSW, Expert Panel, What does the future of STEM learning look like?

Suggested timepoints to view include: 4:00, 6:30, 14:12, 22:14, 27:05, 36:35, 46:00, 49:49, 56:00


Contact us to arrange a free introductory sample program for STEMSSS in 2023