Transformation Factory

A new approach to organisation transformation

Coupling the 4th Industrial revolution with industry 5.0 thinking, that is, the merging of technology with human-centric design, these two drivers of our Newconomy will see an increase of interconnectivity and smart automation across our society.

Those organisations, governments, educators and individuals who are ready and willing to embrace, learn and transform themselves will be at the front of building the resilient and sustainable organisations and communities that we need going into future. 

However, for those who are not prepared or willing to consider change, they will be disrupted, impacting their growth and sustainability now and into the future.

With transformation needing to be the new norm finding ways for leaders to easily navigate and assess the human, culture, capability, capacity and execution of their teams and organisations to make transformation happen are the challenges we will help you overcome.

Transformation factory benefits

Transforming your organisation to be ready to excel in the Newconomy will see you benefit.

Better decision making: Visibility and insights into an organisation’s systems drive better decision-making.

Increased efficiency and productivity: Transformation, done well, will remove the inhibitors to process improvement, which will drive efficiency and productivity in teams and organisations.

Your people will become a partner in your success: Empower people by giving them the skills needed to shape their place in the team and organisation transformation.

Great customer and partner relationships: Transformation, which elevates customer and partner experiences, deliver greater collaboration and loyalty in these important external organisational relationships.

Programs & Support

Newconomy STEPChange

Helping organisations to reflect, prepare for and utilise data and technology advancement to drive an inclusive, human-centred and sustainable futures for their organisation.

System Kaizen Intensive

Helping organisations understand, qualify, and transform key areas in their organisations using the systems and Newconomy thinking.

Future Proofing Workforces

Using the Human Capability Standards framework we help you understand your people and develop them to their full their potential. 

Training & Workshops

Select from a range of off-the-shelf Newconomy focused training and workshops or work with the team to design a program specific to you and your team or organisation needs.


We support the validation, mapping and certifying of your internal and external training to Human Capability Standards (HCS) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


If you want to help your organisation and people grow and succeed in our Newconomy, reach out to us. We have the solutions to help you.

Schedule a 30 minute chat with us now or send us a message for more information on our programs.