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When you have a problem, challenge or project not being solved or actioned in your organisation, talk to us, we make things happen.

Who We Work With

To make things happen you need a partner who understands the dynamics of your organisation and the challenges that you may be facing. MCB Business Partners are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to get up to speed quickly and deliver results across vertical industries, not-for-profits (profit- for-purpose), community and government organisations.

Not For Profit

Not dissimilar to a business or corporate, not for profit organisations need to be continually innovating and creating to maintain their relevance and position if they are to be sustainable. The MCB Business Partners team have a lot of experience delivering results in the not for profit space.   

Community Organisations

We work with a variety of community organisations helping them to lay or reassess their foundations, create and implement plans and strategies to ensure their relevance and ability to continue supporting their communities and members into the future.


With an extensive skill set and network in everything business, MCB Business Partners can quickly identify, solve and activate projects which help businesses get on with what they do best. We get (small) business and their challenges, our approach and solutions are innovative and affordable.  

Local Government

The MCB Business Partners team have vast experience in working with Local Government in areas such as economic development, business engagement, stakeholder communications and project development. 


It is a great time to be a startup in Australia. Outside of the government supported programs, which we are fully supportive of, we have our own suite of start-up services to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business quickly validate their ideas and turning on sales channels.


Corporates get tied up in being corporate. MCB Business Partners bring a different perspective to the table when it comes to corporations looking for new ways to engage or work with business and community organisations. 

Are you ready to find the solutions for the challenges in your organisations or start ticking off the projects which have been sitting on your to-do-list?

Creating Solutions

Spending time focused on problems or challenges without fixing them has a negative effect on any organisation. MCB Business Partners can consult and project manage across a number of areas and disciplines to help you win and make progress toward the goals of your organisation. 

Digital Strategy
The evolving digital economy is a continually changing environment for everyone. To succeed and benefit from the digital landscape organisations must have a clear purpose and strategy.
Web Solutions
WordPress - The most popular Content Management System is simple to interface reducing development costs and deployment time.
Software & Web Development
Customised programs, web and mobile applications - We work onshore and offshore, with trusted partners, to develop and deliver robust solutions.
Stakeholder Engagement
Keeping your stakeholders “engaged” is the basis for good governance. We support the strategic development and delivery of stakeholder engagement strategies.
Idea Validation
Quick turn around (10 day program) for startups, entrepreneurs and innovative organisations to validate their ideas.  
Community Programs
Developing innovative, engaging and purposeful community programs support social responsibility and raising the profile and brand of your organisation.
Business Development
Supporting you in the research, development and implementation of organisational growth opportunities for your organisation.
Persona Research
What makes your customer base tick? Data-driven research helps you map out the customers who will make buying decisions driving greater ROI on marketing and sales spend. 
Video & Audio
Video and audio are business building tools. Grab attention and provide clarity for what you do. Video and audio content will see your organisation move forward.     
Strategy, design and implementation of activities to support the building of your brand and organisation.
Product / Service Research
Sourcing product and services vital to your organisation and saving you from making expensive mistakes.
Board Support
Innovative support for directors and management committees addressing governance challenges and driving change.

Want to know more about our services and capacity to support you?

Our Approach

As an innovative, result-driven consultancy and project management company, MCB Business Partners are committed to getting results for our clients. 

Our Partners

The nature of business and the workforce are changing. In our extended web of contacts, trusted partners and freelancers, MCB Business Partners tap into a wider and flexible talent pool which benefits our clients. With continued oversight during all of our consulting, project and service engagements, MCB Business Partners provides constant assurance that you will receive consistent delivery and results every time.

We are quicker, delivering our clients greater savings across their projects and other MCB Business Partner services.

Client Partnerships

Clients are the heartbeat of all businesses; therefore, developing a healthy relationship with you is crucial to the success of MCB Business Partners. Through good and bad times, which can happen, maintaining a healthy, genuine relationship with you will go a long way to delivering you the results which will take you a step closer to your goals.

Developing sound relationships with our clients require dedication and time; therefore we put a great emphasis on putting the right strategies in place to make this happen.

Kick Start Meeting

The Kick Start Meeting allows us to establish our working relationship, discuss and agree on the scope of the consulting, project management or services including project control processes and requirements (e.g., status reporting, issues management, etc.), and addressing logistics and communication.

In addition to your kickstart meeting, and dependant on the nature of your project, we'll set a number of 'check-in' meetings allowing us the opportunity to provide you with a status of accomplishments during the previous period, planned activities, budget and spend rate, issues, recommendations, advice, and insight which may be required.

Delivering Results

The MCB Business Partners team is skilled at rapidly analyzing your situation, determining the right mix of high-value, high-impact solutions, and quickly executing the best solutions to deliver measurable and sustainable results for your organisation.


Duncan Burck - Managing Director, MCB Business Partners

Duncan Burck - Managing Director

Duncan is an experienced, entrepreneurial, result driven, sales and business development executive, with a history of strategic planning and project activation which has delivered excellent outcomes in business and other organisations.

With more than 20 years of experience, which has taken him to several corners of the globe, the connections, skills developed and lessons learned hold him in good stead as the leader of MCB Business Partners.

Duncan's down to earth approach to stakeholder and relationship management is key to his ability to build solid relationships that always gets results. 

Always looking to connect, learn and share, please feel free to reach out to Duncan to learn more about MCB Business Partners and our capacity to serve you and your organisation.

Karen Howard

Company Director - FAICD

Duncan truly walks the collaboration talk and it sits squarely within his personal and professional value-set. Duncan is an active listener and highly dependable to deliver.

Clare Monkley

Director - Love Finance

Duncan has brought a refreshing new flavour to helping businesses succeed. Duncan is honest, professional and above all seems to have an insight into what is needed in the business and gets about delivering on his service as quickly as he can. 

Iain Rennie

Managing Director - Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors

Duncan is a gifted professional. He is always well prepared, open to discussion and insightful. He understands the need for clarity, as well as the need for judicious negotiation to achieve the big points. 

Craig McGregor

Managing Director - Hunter Recruitment Group

Duncan is particularity skilled at taking an idea and making it work commercially. As a networker he uses his relationship building abilities to create win - win scenarios for the people and businesses he works with. 

Tim Sears

Vice President, Data Science & Engineering - Target USA

Duncan is an outstanding business person and connector. He brings a wealth of business experience to bear on any problem. He's a keen judge of people and a great partner. 

Peachy Hongsuwong

Google Cloud Territory Manager

Duncan is a business strategy mastermind. He has a professional but down to earth flair that makes him very approachable, his innovative mindset never fails to deliver.

Glenn Parsons

Community Programs Coordinator - Cancer Council NSW

Duncan was instrumental in the establishment of Beat Cancer @ Work, a proactive, preventative and support program for cancer in the workplace. Duncan is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Get started finding the solutions for the challenges, big or small, in your organisation and get them fixed!

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