Preparing people, organisations and our communities to accelerate in the Newconomy

Preparing people, organisations and our communities to accelerate in the Newconomy


People working with cutting-edge technology and embracing Industry 5.0 principles to drive economic, social and environmental solutions in our communities and society

Setting Up For Newconomy Success


The tools and systems organisations and people will need to change, grow and thrive in the Newconomy.


Making the critical partnerships between education, business, industry and government (EBIG) work to deliver the Newconomy workforce.


Helping educators deliver and bring to life the inspiring Newconomy stories, experiences and opportunities for our next gens in the classroom.

In Action

Critical Partnerships For The Newconomy

A focused, collaborative effort between education, business, industry and government are essential for us to create a positive shift in our society moving forward in the Newconomy. At MCB Business Partners, we are leaders in creating innovative, win-win opportunities to form and support these partnerships from concept to delivery.


Engaging and inspiring young people, our future workforce, to cultivate their Newconomy skills is critical for local economies and society to be competitive now and into the future.

Our next-gen flagship program, Sustainnovation Challenge, is making this a reality for rural, regional and metro communities.


We have worked hard to develop a best practice process to land  the Newconomy story in the classroom. Our approach is validated,  government and industry continue choosing us to embed their stories and career opportunities in our next-gen classrooms.


At MCB Business Partners, we believe that our approach to team sets us apart. 

Our team, associates and partners are a seasoned, diverse group that is well prepared to tackle the projects our clients and customers are presenting to us.


Keep up with the latest happenings by checking out our news section. Here you’ll find stories and articles from our team and our partners, covering a wide range of topics and insights in into Newconomy and getting people, organisations and communities ready to thrive in it.

Stay informed and be inspired!

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